China’s Tianjin Eco-City : Future of Low-Carbon Cities?

Continuing on the discussion of China’s pilot eco-cities from my last post, I found impressive pictures of Tianjin’s Eco-City in the Huffington Post today.  The eco-city will be finished in 2020 by Surbana Urban Planning Group, and will showcase various advanced energy saving technologies, including solar power, wind power, rainwater recycling, and desalination of sea water. The city will be built ten minutes away from the Tianjin Economic Development Area, making the commute a mere ten minutes with the development of an advanced light rail transit system.  China has pledged that 90% of transportation will be through public transit. The 30 kilometer development project will provide a community for 350,000 residents.

This exciting eco-city pilot project is line with the rapid rise of urbanization in China.  According to a People’s Daily report, China will have an urban development rate of around 50% and a total urban population of 600 million by 2015.   The number of cities will rise more than 1,000 by 2015.  The challenge is to build cities that are mixed-used and designed for people, rather than private cars. This peek into Tianjin’s eco-city is a good start to think about the future of urban planning.



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